Get ready to turn back the clock

Welcome to Nostalgia
Bar & Lounge

Takes Diners back to childhood

Nostalgia Bar & Lounge is the first brick and mortar concept from The Herbal Chef™ founder, Chris Sayegh, that evokes fond memories of childhood Americana through a familiar, yet whimsically mature menu and ambiance.

Venue Rentals

Looking for a place to hold that memorable party in the heart of Los Angeles?


Make sure to get the perfect seat on special events


Signature Menu

We proudly present Nostalgia’s uniquely designed menu with its fine choice of delicacies from the appetizers, salads, desserts down to a list of biodynamic wines and tap beers.

Meet The Team of Nostalgia Bar & Lounge

The Herbal Chef, Christopher Sayegh – together with Jared Ventura, Jack Goldberg, Brad Fry and the rest of the team puts all their love and the very best ingredients in their food & beverages while serving you in the most hospitable manner.


Seats might always be full as we have people lining up and looking forward to our incomparable delicacies and beverages. So, reserve a seat with us and enjoy the nostalgic ambience and food as we take you back in time!

For all inquiries please contact us