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Bar & Lounge

Takes Diners back to childhood

Nostalgia Bar & Lounge is the first brick and mortar concept from The Herbal Chef™ founder, Chris Sayegh, that evokes fond memories of childhood Americana through a familiar, yet whimsically mature menu and ambiance.
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Signature Menu

We proudly present Nostalgia’s uniquely designed menu with its fine choice of delicacies from the appetizers, salads, desserts down to a list of biodynamic wines and tap beers.

Meet The Team of Nostalgia Bar & Lounge

The Herbal Chef, Christopher Sayegh – together with Jared Ventura, Jack Goldberg, Brad Fry and the rest of the team puts all their love and the very best ingredients in their food & beverages while serving you in the most hospitable manner.

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Seats might always be full as we have people lining up and looking forward to our incomparable delicacies and beverages. So, reserve a seat with us and enjoy the nostalgic ambience and food as we take you back in time!

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